We make your property purchase easier, more transparent and more successful

The company Ventanas Tenesur S.L. was founded in 2002 by Mr. Achim Träuble.

Specialized in sales, production and assembly of high quality windows and doors, the company has made a name for  itself on the Canary Islands.

Due to this long-term workmanship, a customer base has developed that has always brought inquiries about real estate buying and sales.

We have therefore decided to offer an additional service for our existing customers as well as for new customers.

Practical experience has been gained over the years through repeated mediations and also consolidated through diplomas as real estate agent and legal real estate appraiser.

Through our daily work over the years, we know what interested parties are looking for in our region and what is important for them. Because we know the country and its people, we have an excellent local market overview.

We have a wide network of specialized partners whom we can integrate for your concerns in the real estate industry if required.

We want to find a way to achieve your goal with you and ensure that people and real estate come together.